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With unmatched capabilities in Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia, Medefield is a provider of online fieldwork services to pharmaceutical market research, consulting and healthcare communication agencies.

By providing access to the largest physician e-research community in the world, Medefield provides its client-agencies with both reliability and simplicity in conducting Internet-based research globally.

In doing so, Medefield is:
  • Enabling our clients to improve their global reach and data quality, in a simple and reliable manner so they recognize us as the most customer centric, reliable and responsive partner when they need to conduct global Market Research via the Internet.

Our huge physician respondent community and flexible web-based applications are continually updated and expanded to maintain pace with the ever-evolving needs of pharmaceutical market research. Thus, Medefield clients benefit from flexible access to these powerful capabilities without needing to invest heavily in their own database construction and management, technical infrastructure or platform maintenance.

Medefield draws on 10 years of on-line market research expertise.

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