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Case Study 1
  • Client – Adelphi International Research
  • US:1,600 PCPs/250 Specialists; Italy: 500 PCPs/200 Specs; France: 600 PCPs/200 Specs, UK 500 PCPs/200 Specs
  • 35-minute survey

  • Medefield conducted the fieldwork within 8 days

  • Adelphi had additional two weeks to prepare complex analysis and presented a fully complete ‘interim presentation,’ which the client was delighted with

“I was delighted with the service and responsiveness of Medefield, and their ability to generate large samples exceeded our expectations”
Duncan Swan, Director Adelphi International Research

Case Study 2
  • Major US full-service MR agency asked Medefield to program, field and deliver results for a new product test in 5 business days because their biotech client was making a pitch to a major Pharma Company
  • US:125 PCPs & Endos; UK: 75 PCPs & Endos: 25-minute survey

  • Medefield recommended improvements to the questionnaire which client accepted
  • Programmed survey on Day 1
  • QC and client test of survey on Day 2 am
  • Fielded afternoon of Day 2

  • Delivered final SPSS file by noon Day 4 – almost 2 days ahead of schedule
  • Client’s client was 100% satisfied and promised additional work
  • Medefield’s client gave straight ‘7’s on our online Customer Satisfaction Survey

Case Study 3

  • 70 Neurologists in each of UK, Germany and Italy
  • 40-minute bespoke CBC study
  • 50% incidence rate

  • Questionnaire revisions and programming Day 1-5
  • QC and client test of survey on Day 6-7
  • Fielded Day 8

  • Complete final data file delivered on Day 15

Case Study 4

  • One of the largest European full-service MR agencies turned to Medefield for complex conjoint programming and difficult recruit
  • 60% incidence: respondents must Rx biologics
  • UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain n=50 per country; Canada n=30

  • Medefield recommended a series of improvements to the conjoint exercise which were agreed to by the client

  • Using our in-house Phone-to-Web team to supplement our panel, Medefield delivered final results in 2 weeks
  • Our client was 100% satisfied and so was end client

Case Study 5

  • US ‘boutique’ MR agency turned to Medefield to rescue a Big 5 EU study
  • It had been in field for 3 weeks with another fieldwork agency who had achieved only 5 completes per country
  • Client required another 15 Rheumatologists per country, despite very low incidence

  • Medefield started fielding that very same day

  • Medefield delivered what was promised - the full sample in 2 weeks
  • Our client’s project and reputation with their client were saved

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